The Process

Lead Farming

The Story of Lead to Deal

Where Deals Happen

Lead Farming for Lead Generation – it was the very first weapon with which Talkd took over the corporate world. Known as iLeadfarmers back then, we generated business leads through methodic, lead farming techniques. 7 years later, we have amplified that process by bringing in lots of research, calculations and interactive techniques to generate, culture and enhance potential leads for our clients.

The Science

of Sales Enablement

1. Market Research
Research identifies roads. We implement an extensive market study to identify best possible avenues and people for clients to do business.

2. Prospect Universe
By compiling contacts of B2B potentials, we create an entire prospect universe which consists of the right people to deal with.

3. Inbound & Outbound
With the vital combination of warm calls and email campaigns, we syndicate content to gain marketing qualified leads.

4. Appointment Setup
Pre-set appointment setup, we empower your sales team to convert the cultured leads to deals.

5. Lead Management
Leads acquired through all the efforts are nurtured through our unique concept of Lead Farming, thereby making them to sales-qualified.