Opportunity Weighed Leads


Learned. Enlightened. Lead Farmer.

OWL is the personification of age-old wisdom. He is a sage well versed in the secret of Lead Conversion. His words don’t revolve around meeting and exceeding the target leads assigned. Rather, he’s into ensuring that leads listen, engage and talk about the client specific offering.

The Lead to Deal Journey

Opportunity Weighed Leads means OWL brings a higher probability of lead conversion and increased chances to nurture them. Knowledge base helps with Research and Initial Outreach that builds curiosity. Wisdom helps connect the dots, nurturing the leads to a point where they are ready to discuss the offering. OWL weighs every lead against the opportunities they can bring. The outcome – a pool of Lead To Deal ready contacts.


ODD Start

It starts with Opportunity discovery involving Decision-makers. Mapping the prospect universe without any middleman. Here we leverage research activities - Client product study, Market identification, Prospect universe, etc.


Identifying commercially viable strategy of campaigning. Meaningful messaging that highlights the pain points and engages the lead. OWL's knowledge helps open opportunities to do business.


OWL brings his wisdom to practice, with superior Lead nurturing through Middle of the Funnel (MOFU) techniques. Campaigns covering case studies, client fact sheets and more, cultivating the interest.


Not every lead crosses the middle funnel and OWL knows that. Based on campaign engagements, analytics, questions, feedbacks, OWL weighs every lead against the Opportunity they might bring to your business.


Commercially viable campaigns continue engaging the lead pool as we deliver to you leads ready to sign the Deal.