Inbound Lead

Reaching out to those who want to reach you

Crafting Magnets

To attract leads

Strong content-driven magnets through blogs, newsletters, white papers, thought-leadership articles and other intelligent information. By syndicating it through marketing automation, we explode it onto subscribers and targeted audience. In effect, we pull in the potentials.

The Groundwork


Well-begun is half done. We couldn’t agree more. We begin our inbound campaigns with a well-researched battle plan to create and propagate targeted content through the right channels. Understanding the clients, identifying their markets and the channels to reach them is done extensively at Talkd.


Setting up the Sprints


Building the base for an extensive inbound campaign calls for an entire setup. We begin by understanding the clients, preparing sprints, defining targets, scouting for prospects and connecting with them through customized scripts/pitches. Essentially, we setup a comprehensive inbound marketing setup for pulling in the potentials.


The Lead Generation Highways

Channel Management

We are professionals well acquainted with channels. Your leads will race in through our highways. Your intelligent content propagated through Emailers, Social Media, Blogs, and Whitepapers is going to attract the interested. We therefore identify correct channels that are targeted towards bringing in qualified leads. We also create landing pages and websites to usher in prospects.


Action Plans to Attract


Right words to the right audience in the right way. That is the beauty of inbound at Talkd. By preparing a B2B content marketing program, we pull-in marketing-qualified leads that are actually interested in your offering. We create intelligent content like whitepapers, blogs and webinars, which is then syndicated through emails, social media and other channels.


Marketing Qualified to Sales Qualified

Lead Management

Pull in prospects, nurture them and deliver qualified leads to sales. Acquiring leads is one thing, managing them is another. Talkd cultures these leads to convert them into long term associations. By studying, understanding, collecting intelligence and scoring leads, we identify the most probable set likely to get converted. We then target this set by nurturing them with promotions and content building strategies. Marketing qualified Leads thus earned are then passed on to your sales team to take ahead.