Event Acceleration

Ensure fruitful footfalls

Pre-set Appointments

At your event

Imagine knowing who you’ll meet at your event, now add sales to the equation. We make your sales team’s life easier by arranging pre-set appointments at your event. We identify and reach out to the right people with whom you can strike a deal. And we do all of this in just 3 months! We aren’t afraid of the eleventh hour either. Give us a holler 3 weeks before, and we can create expo magic then too.

Be Event-ready

Event Research

We armor your sales team with all the important information about the event they are targeting. Right from the average footfalls to impact figures to competitors participating, every single detail is presented forth to equip your sales team.


Capturing the Contacts

List Building

You have to reach your prospects before your competition. We help you do that by building comprehensive and targeted B2B contact lists. The combination of automation tools and human-centric approach is employed to capture prospects from LinkedIn, webpages, and any other online presence. These contacts are then converted into qualified leads by identifying their relevance.


Announcing your Arrival


Sending out the war cry. We build specific and scheduled campaigns to promote your presence at events. Advertisements, social media campaigns, email marketing and other such channels are utilized simultaneously to build up a reputation for your brand.


Meet the Right People

Appointment Setup

Your sales team won’t have to wait for random eye contacts with event attendees. We enable pre-set appointments by identifying and reaching out to the right people with whom you can strike deals. Your booth won’t get window-shoppers, that’s our assurance!


Insights from the Event

Post Event Support

The after party continues. We help you to evaluate the impact of the event and gain valuable insights. Collected registrations and done deals are compiled together to form a comprehensive repository of contacts for the future.