Appointment Setup

Right Place, Right Time, Right Prospects

We’ll Mine the Leads

You crack the deals

As opposed to random searches, we put in thorough research to identify the right prospects. We then approach them through targeted emails and personalized calls. What’s next? You’re sitting with them across a table, talking good business.

Building the Prospect Universe

Market Research

We solidify your sales process by charting out the prospect universe to explore. Through organizational mapping. We empower sales teams to understand their targets better. This is followed by identification of avenues from where deals are guaranteed. They say the battle is half won if you know everything about the enemy. Competitors profiling and analysis is therefore a key strategy we deploy.


Filling your Sales Pipeline

Lead Generation

Where the actual game begins. By leveraging email, digital and targeted calling channels, we deliver incredible value to tech companies by generating leads. Right from research to contact discovery to content syndication to appointment setups, we do everything within our capacity to ensure quality leads flowing into your pipeline.


Breaking the Ice

Setting up Appointments

No awkward encounters. We actually bring together the effective mix of research, personalized calling, emails and consulting to ensure your sales teams are present at the right place at the right time. You don’t know how to say? We can help with that too, by preparing customized scripts and marketing collaterals.


Making Data Matter


Vital data in the form of contact repositories, promotion figures and conversions helps a great deal in gauging the impact of your campaigns. We keep a record of every inbound activity and facilitate you with valuable insights that help you strengthen your lead generation.